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Traffic Patrol Officers: Increase Bus/Truck Traffic Enforcement


The T-Force Truck Traffic Enforcement Toolkit was designed to aid officers in conducting traffic stops safely and effectively.

T-Force Toolkit

        In this Toolkit you will find detailed information regarding large truck/bus enforcement; including the differences and similarities between traffic enforcement with large trucks/buses and passenger cars, strategies for increasing officer safety, techniques for choosing the location of the stop, techniques for approaching a large truck during a traffic stop; visibility issues due to the size and weight of the vehicle and commercial drivers licensing (CDL) requirements. Included here you will also find information regarding when to call the MCSAP team.  

A special thank you to the various organizations and agencies that have assisted with the development of the T-Force Toolkit and Safe and Effective Traffic Stops training curriculum as well as shared materials.

  • American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
  • Baltimore County Police Department
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
  • Community College of Baltimore County, School of Business
  • Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, Commercial Vehicle Safety Division
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • International Chiefs of Police Association
  • Massachusetts State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section
  • National Highway Safety Traffic Administration


There are three main sections included in the Toolkit; including Fast Facts, Web Resources and Instructor Portal.

Fast Facts

The Fast Facts section offers detailed information regarding the importance of traffic stops with commercial trucks/buses, the process of conducting an effective traffic stop and the details involved in CDL.

Web Resources

The web resources section provides access to an online library of videos, a discussion board to ask and answer questions, and links to other trainings and online resources.

Instructor's Portal

This section provides all the materials needed to teach the Safe and Effective Traffic Stops; Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement training; including the PowerPoint presentation, the Instructor's Guide and the Participant's Guide, which are all available to download. Additional training tips and nationwide CDL happenings are also posted.