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A Collection of Resource Materials

Commercial Motor Vehicle Awareness Training Guide

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 2011

The purpose of this awareness training is to provide law enforcement officers with the safety and enforcement information for handling accidents and traffic violations involving CMVs or buses.

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Security Assessment for Enforcement (SAFE) Checklist

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The SAFE checklist helps the officer to run through the who, what, where and why of a situation in order to assess unusual activities within the trucking industry.

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CDL Quick Reference Guide

National District Attorney's Association

Police officers, prosecutors, judges, court staff and other safety professionals will find the CDL guide a great first stop for their CDL questions. It provides basic definitions and information related to commercial driver licensing as it relates to the criminal court system. For those seeking more indepth information, the guide provides links to additional important CDL resources.

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American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization developing model programs in motor vehicle administration, law enforcement and highway safety. The association also serves as an information clearinghouse in these areas, and acts as the international spokesman for these interests.
The CDL Program is a nationwide effort to ensure that only qualified commercial drivers receive and maintain commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) and to remove unsafe and unqualified drivers from our highways.

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CDL Enforcement: The Full Circle

Baltimore County Police Department, 2012

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

The IACP provides detailed information regarding commercial drivers licensing (CDL), from officer safety to the examination of the documents. Links to videos are available below.

CDL Enforcement: Introduction -
CDLExamining CDL -
CDLFraudulent CDL -
CDLCDL: Officer Safety 1: The Stop -
CDLCDL: Officer Safety: The Approach -
CDLCDL: Officer Safety: Contact -